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How to upload products ?

Find the products you want to import

DouBridge supplies resourceful products from Clothing, Bags& Shoes, Jewelry, Cellphone Accessories to adult supplies. Once you finished the settings, all products are available to be uploaded to your website.


1.Click ‘Category’ to find your interested products.


2.Click ‘Upload’ button.


3.Click the drop-down list, choose the category where you want the product will be uploaded.


4.Shipping cost will be calculated automatically based on selected country. Note: It will be added to your sale price, then you can set FREE SHIPPING on your website.


5.Price your products by setting profit rate.


6.Click 'Upload', finish the uploading process.


If you use the category filter, you will be able to select the subcategory, for example, "Accessories", "Dresses", etc.




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