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Hi, welcome to DouBridge!
As you can see at the top of our homepage, there are two different ways you can create a DouBridge account.

The 1 will lead you to our service guide page, whether you have a website or not, you can find your answer here.

-If you have an eCommerce store -> get plug-ins from the right button.
-If you do not have an eCommerce store -> get guide from the left button.

The left button will show you how to build a website with the help of DouBridge. And this website is fully under your control.

The right button will show you what plug-ins we have developed which can help you connect your website with DouBridge. In addition, we can offer you API service if your website is built beyond any eCommerce platforms.



The 2 will lead you to our sign up & log in page. Click the “Visitors”, fill the chart, done.


Experience the Demo Site
You can experience the corresponding functions through the demo site as a customers, an admin and a distributors.
You can take demo website as the website you are going to have. Firstly, Experience the entire shopping process as your customer in Demo website, Including Register, Login, Browse products, Add a shopping cart, Set the shipping addresses, Calculate shipping cost, Settle payment etc. And certainly, we are using Paypal Sandbox test account, so you do not have to pay in real.
Secondly, Login Demo websites as a administrator, you can Add/Edit categories, Process orders, Manage customers, Discount promotions, The highest permission to set the Payment Method, Shipping Rate Calculate, and other store-related settings.
Every Demo website has been connected with the main website, with the corresponding account login main website, you can experience One-Click upload products, convenient order processing, etc.


Username: admin

Password: 123456




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