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How to get more product quotas ?

Free quota
For the free plan, there’re 500 quotas of product. The number of product you can upload to your website depends on how many quota you have.
Basic plan have 3000 quotas, and 100 monthly increased quotas.
Pro plan have 10000 quotas, and 200 monthly increased quotas.

The link between quota and product SKU
Quota is the permission to have one or more products uploaded.
SKU is the only identification of a product.

For example:
A USB cable is with 2 colors, namely, 2 different SKUs. But it only takes one quota to upload both of them to website. Once one of them is uploaded; the other will be automatically synced to your website.

How to increase the quota
If the limited product quota is used up, you will still be able to place orders and sync data such as inventory, price, tracking information as normal. But you won’t be able to import any additional products until you get more extra quotas.

1.Upgrade plan
For example:
Now you are using Free Plan with 500 free quotas. If you upgrade to and keep the use of Basic Plan, you will gain not only 3000 free initial quotas but also monthly 100 permanent quotas. Please note that the monthly increased permanent quota will always belong to you, no matter what plan changes.

2.Permanent quotas reward based on last month's orders

3.Pay for quota:5 Quotas/USD

4.Remove invalid products to save quota, such as those products which are out of date, little traffic, or no sales. The quota saved can be used to upload new products.

5.Do some works to earn quotas, such as recommending DouBridge to your friends, sharing feelings about DouBridge in social media, popularizing DouBridge in some blogs or forums, or helping us do some works, etc. The quotas earned are permanent.

Quota rules
There are two different quotas.

One is initial amount which is inherent in the Plan. It is one-off and works only after you choose the Plan. And it will also vary with Plan.
The other is permanent amount, including monthly increased quota, purchased quota, rewarded quota, earned quota.

Here are examples:
1.Before, Free Plan was in use. Besides, 300 more permanent quotas were purchased. The total quota is 500 + 300.  Now, upgrade to Basic Plan, the quota will be 3000 + 300.
Next month, as long as Basic Plan is valid, quotas will be 3000 + 300 + 100

2.Basic Plan has been continued for 4 months. meanwhile 500 permanent quotas were rewarded based on previous orders. So the quota is 3000 + 100 x 4 + 500 = 3900.

If downgrade to Free Plan, the quota will be 500+100x4+500=1400.




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